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Hifive Kennels has been training winners. Here is a list of dogs that have won or gone on to win after being in our program.



3xCH. / 5x R-U CH. National Amateur Grouse Champion Hifive's Wrangler

CH. / R-U CH. Dateline Black List

CH. / R-U CH. Fireside Drama Queen

CH. Guy Begone

CH. Grouse River Rock

CH. Call Me Kate

CH. Pinehill Silent Echo

CH. Scottish Glory

CH. Rebellious Rotten Ralph

CH. Titanium's Hammer

R-U CH. Ghost Train Cody

R-U CH. Hifive's Pepper Ann

R-U CH. Backwoods Bankruptcy 

R-U CH. Dale's Shady Banker

R-U CH. Nelson's Van Max

2x Nat'l CH. 2x R-U CH. Hifive's Passin Time

R-U CH. Hifive's Rock Solid

R-U CH. Pecoot's Rowdy Rover